What to bring & what's included:

Northern Pike

All cabins are equipped with propane stove, propane refrigerator, propane lights or electric lights (small generator), dishes, pots, pans, plates, cups, cutlery, beds, inside table and chairs, gas for the boats and BBQs. Camps on Abamasagi have ice sheds.

Buy Fishing & Hunting Licenses On-Line

• Food & Drink (large plastic drinking glass)
• Fishing Gear
• Clothes & rain gear & hat
• Toilet paper
• Hand soap and dish soap
• Bug spray - 25% DEET or better
• Mosquito Coils / Citronella Candles
• Sun tan lotion - 15 SPF or better (30 to 50 recommended)
• Flashlight
• Personal medications
• Personal toiletries
• Paper towels
• Camera
• Sleeping bag & pillow
• Life jacket
• First aid kit
• Garbage bags & Ziploc bags
• Stringer
• Fillet knife
• Landing net
• Lots of matches & lighters
• Compass
• Fishing license
• Compass

Guest are restricted to 130 lbs. per person on flight day. Overweight charges will be levied at $0.50 per pound.

Sun Tan Lotion: The farther north you go, the thinner the atmosphere gets and the higher the UV index gets. With this in mind, if you are use to SPF 8 at home, then you will get the same results with SPF 25 in Nakina.

NEW! - The legal limit for alcohol is now 0.05%. That means you cannot drive a boat or car for a least an hour after having one Canadian 5% beer or one shot of 40% spirit. If you eat after drinking, you will feel sober but in actual fact you are just slowing down the liver's ability to metabolize alcohol and the alcohol will stay in your system longer. If you are a heavy drinker, your liver will be so damaged that its ability to metabolize alcohol will be much slower than someone with a healthy liver or a young person, thus you can feel 100% sober and be way over the limit. The speed that your liver metabolizes alcohol dictates how drunk you are, not the level of alcohol in your blood. The legal blood alcohol limits have absolutely nothing to do with your ability to drive or whether you feel drunk, tipsy or sober. Save your drinking for around the fire.

DO NOT BRING ALCOHOL IN THE BOAT or BE IN THE BOAT WITH ALCOHOL IN YOUR SYSTEM: Ontario has the most strict alcohol laws in North America. If you are driving the boat and you are over .08 or have open alcohol in the boat, you will be arrested and flown back to Nakina and your fishing trip is over. It's a minimum $600 fine, 10-year criminal record and a lifetime offender registration. Your driver's license will be taken away (right then and there) for 15 months automatically. Other states and provinces will honor these charges. ZERO ALCOHOL IN YOUR BOAT OR IN YOUR BLOOD !!!!

A police officer from the Ontario Provincial Police and a game warden from the Ministry of Natural Resources do fly into remote lakes and taxi right up to your boat to check for any illegal activity whether it's drinking in the boat or being over your fish limits. These guys are very very serious and do not show any compassion. You have been warned.

Please read the fishing regulations carefully, which are found in on the fishing description pages.