Kag Lake - Kagianagami Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp:

Features: Walleyes average 3 to 4 pounds, giant Northern Pike over 20 pounds, monster Lake Trout over 30 pounds, spring Brook Trout in the river fishing and fun flyfishing for Whitefish until the May Fly Hatch is over.

Arguably the # 1 fly-in walleye lake in Ontario, "Kag" offers visiting anglers the very best in north-country, fly-in fishing experiences. Multiple limit catches of 2 to 4-pound walleyes are the norm at "Kag" whether you prefer to fish live baits, troll body baits or cast a jig. An expansive, rocky, clear-water lake, Kagianagami offers unlimited opportunities to fish its ideal structural features, and it is not unusual for a good spot to produce scores of walleyes in just a short time. Adjoining, the Opichuan River offers guests more great walleye fishing and early-season brook trout as well. Lake whitefish, northern pike and an underutilized, trophy lake trout fishery round out the angling opportunities at Kagianagami Lake. For the most part, weedgrowth is almost non-existent - except for a few weedy flats in Chicago Bay and the extreme south end of the lake. Not surprisingly, these areas are pike hotspots early in the season. However, after mid-June, Kag's northerns relocate to the main lake. In summer, trolling deep-diving body baits and spoons across fast-breaking points and along breaklines can still produce a few good pike. Just as many of the lake's northerns are caught incidentally by walleye anglers jigging those same locations.

Map of kagianagami Lake

Everywhere on the lake are islands, points and drop-offs which predictably fall from 8 feet down to 18 feet. Pitching a twistertail jig at these spots, swimming the bait slowly along the bottom, will almost always tempt Kag's many walleyes. Early and in the evening, however, fishing is especially good - largely because of the lake's exceptionally clear water. During the low-light periods, it is not uncommon for hordes fish to move very shallow, herding baitfish as they go. On one visit to Kag, we witnessed this feeding phenomenon as a massive school of walleyes swept through the area where we were fishing. For 10 minutes, the three of us caught one fish after another - triple header after triple header - a fish a minute. Incredible.

A large lake by most standards, Kag is a very popular fly-in destination - so much so that the operators with camps on the lake seldom have to promote them. Repeat clientele constitutes fully 95 % of the anglers visiting Kag.

kagianagami Lake Cabin

On Humble Bay, Twin Lakes Outfitter's housekeeping outpost camp consists of two separate buildings, accommodating large groups or separate parties. A lake in and of itself, Humble Bay has exceptional walleye fishing, good pike fishing, and is very close to that part of the lake where walleyes and northern pike gather "en masse" early in the season. Since solitude and the outpost camp life are what many fly-in anglers prefer, the Timberidge camp is among the most popular Nakina fly-in destinations every season.

Both camps will sleep 2 to 8 people, have propane stove & fridge, woodstove for heat, hot & cold running water and shower. Each cabin has a BBQ, fish fryer, solar lights, solar chest freezer in shed and fish cleaning house.

Kag's natural beauty, abundant wildlife and incredible walleye fishing make an immediate and lasting impression and leave you wanting to return again and again.

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