Esser Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp:

This is the only camp on the lake

Walleye: This is a magnificent Walleye Lake. Esser Lake is a widening of the famous Ogoki River. As you can see on the map, when the water is low you can see sand bars represented as brown marks. In the spring these sand bars are under water and are a major area for Walleye spawning. Not only do great populations of Walleyes migrate to this area in the spring to spawn, the big trophy females take advantage of the depth (20 feet max) and stay there all summer.

There are Walleyes everywhere. River current, weed beds, rocky points and spots around the islands are all holding high populations of Walleyes. How hard you fish and how much time you spend fishing in a day will determine if you reach that magic 100-walleyes-in-a-day mark, which is very possible. You will catch tons of walleyes in the 1 to 3-pound range. This lake is known more for size than numbers. There are lots of Walleyes in the 5 to 10-pound range in this lake.

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Esser Lake Map

Northern Pike: The population of Northern Pike in the lake is not as high as some of our other lakes, which can account for all the Walleyes. Don't be fooled. The Ogoki River has produced some of the largest Pike caught in Canada. Monster size Northerns patrol the river looking for deeper water and high populations of Walleyes throughout the year. Don't be surprised if a monster 25-pound Pike slams your Walleye before you get it to the boat. Esser Lake produces most of the 25+ pound Northerns.

Brook Trout: The Ogoki River has Brook Trout in it. There are countless streams and springs running into the river as well as many sets of rapids up stream and down stream from the main lake. Brook Trout are more common in the 1 to 3 pound range. Brookies up to 6-pounds are caught by guests and occasionally guests catch Brook Trout even bigger.

Esser Lake Cabin

Cabin: The cabin sleeps 2 to 8 people. The cabin is clean and comfortable and fully equipped with propane stove and refrigerator. We have a small generator at the cabin for lights. There is a wood-burning stove for heat. Pots, pans, cutlery, dishes and cups are all in the cabin. Cabin also has propane BBQ, hot and cold water, shower and fish fryer.

Ogoki Cabin

Esser Lake Outpost