Location of Airbase

Our guests are flown into the bush by Nakina Air. Usually a De Havilland Turbo Otter is used to fly guests and their equipment in-and-out. A smaller fuel efficient Cessna 185 is used for the mid-week check-flights.

Guest are restricted to 120 lbs. per person on flight day. Overweight charges will be levied at 50 cents per pound.

From Highway 11, just west of Longlac, turn north on highway 584 and head north through Geraldton and straight up to Nakina. When you get to the top of the hill in Nakina there is a stop sign. Go straight to the second street, which is Quebec Street. Turn left and follow. Quebec Street turns into Cordingley Lake Road. Follow that all the way to Cordingley Lake. There are several air services in the area. Just keep driving past the other air services until you see the Twin Lakes Outfitter sign directing you to our office, which is located next to Nakina Air Service. Turn into our parking area and come up to the office to tell us you are here.