Little Stone Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp:

Walleye: Little Stone Lake is a great Walleye lake. It's not a big lake and it's not a deep lake. The beautiful aspect of Little Stone is it's stuffed with Walleyes and there is no place for them to hide other than in the weeds, which are easily accessible.

Little Stone Lake is a great lake to bring kids to or bring people that are not that experienced with Walleye fishing because it's just too easy to catch fish. It's also a great lake if you like catching Walleye after Walleye. The Walleyes are common in the 1.5 to 2.5-pound range. There are bigger Walleyes with many in the 4 to 6 pound range being caught. There is a creek that runs in-and out of the lake, which not only supplies the lake with food and freshwater, it gives the Walleyes a prime spawning ground. This could explain the high numbers in the lake.

Little Stone is a designated conservation lake. What this means is you can catch and eat as many fish as you want during your fishing trip but you can't take fish home.

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Map of Little Stone Lake

Little Stone Lake is also a safe lake to fish. If you have kids or physically challenged people in your group, it's a nice feature to be able to catch Walleyes all day and only be a minute or two from the camp in case bad weather comes in. Even if bad weather comes in, it's a smaller lake thus you don't get the big waves you do on other lakes.

Northern Pike: We still ask ourselves; how can a little lake produce such big Northern Pike? Little Stone Lake has a great Pike population. You will not catch as many Pike as Walleyes but they are there and there are some big ones. Due to the structure of Little Stone, there are few traditional places where you would think there is trophy Northern Pike hanging around. In this lake, the big Pike are where the Walleyes are. If you are catching Walleye after Walleye and then all of a sudden they stop feeding, then you know a big Pike has come into the area. That's when you put on a daredevil or crankbait and start slapping that water.

Cabin: The cabin sleeps 2 to 6 people. The cabin is clean and comfortable and fully equipped with propane stove and refrigerator. We have a small generator at the cabin for lights. There is a wood-burning stove for heat. Pots, pans, cutlery, dishes and cups are all in the cabin. Cabin also has propane BBQ.