Ontario Fly-in Northern Pike Fishing

Northern Pike All of our lakes have Northern Pike and in many different sizes. You will not find lakes anywhere in Ontario or Canada where you can catch so many Walleyes as well as other species of fish and still have a great chance at catching a Big Trophy Northern Pike.

Pike are very common in the 20-inch to 30-inch range, which is 2 to 6 pounds. Due to the enormous population of Walleyes, Northern Pike have an endless banquet of food and can get big. Guests catch-&-release big Pike all summer. Throughout the year guests catch hundreds of Northern Pike over 40 inches. There have been several guests catch Monster Northern Pike up in the 30-pound range. A pike that big is over 50 inches and extremely rare.

Most of our guests catch their biggest Pike on jigs while Walleye fishing. If you want to specifically fish for big Pike, we suggest trolling along weed beds with big Swim Wizzes or hit deep weed beds with deep running crankbaits. The most popular lure for Pike is the Daredevil but you will catch just as many with spinnerbaits. Use the red-&-white in clear water or the yellow-five-of-diamonds in rusty colored water.

Boats: Most of our boats are 14-foot Lund, Naden or Smokercrafts with 8 or 9.9 hp Mercury Motors. There are portage boats on the river camps, which might be smaller.

Nakina Northern Pike Regulations:
Open Season: Open all year
Limit - Sport License: 4 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 2 in your possession
Size Restrictions Sport License: Zero pike between 27.5 and 35.4 inches. Only one greater than 35.4 inches.

Northern Pike