Ontario Fly-in Lake Trout Fishing

Lake Trout We have two lakes with Lake Trout. Kagianagami Lake, known as Kag Lake and Abamasagi Lake. Both produce gigantic Lake Trout as well as good eating size lakers. Van Poele Lake is attached to Kag Lake so if you are staying at that outpost it's just a short boat ride to fantastic Lake Trout fishing.

Kag - The Untapped Resource:

Nobody fishes for Lake Trout in Kag Lake. Why is a mystery because they are such an exciting fish to catch, especially when you are bringing up a 30-pound monster from the depths. Kag Lake is one of the top Lake Trout fishing lakes in Ontario yet our guests do not fish for them. Our guests do catch them by mistake in the spring when the Lake Trout are in a couple of feet of water and hunting along the shore. So far the biggest we know of that was caught and released by guys targeting Walleye was 40 inches and around 35 pounds. Because guests don't fish for them it is hard for us to get fishing photos of guests holding Lake Trout.

Gary, our webmaster, is friends with the old owners of Twin Lakes Outfitters and has seriously fished Kag for Lake Trout. This is his report below.

Greg Loten and I flew into Kag to spend a couple of days putting a new roof on the cabin and do some fishing. We started off at the northwest end of the lake and trolled about 10 feet off shore all the way down to the mouth of Humble Bay. When we started it was dull and overcast and we could not keep the walleyes off our lines, including a couple of 7-pounders. By the time we got to the mouth of Humble Bay it was bright and sunny out so we decided to go for Lake Trout, since they bite best on bright sunny days with high pressure.

Kag is over 300 feet deep and the deeper water stays cold all year. The west shore of Kag drops off quickly into the abyss. Greg and I decided to turn around and troll back north but this time we were away from shore and followed contour staying in the 50-foot depth range. We trolled with 3-way swivels and light flutter lures keeping our lures in the 45 feet deep range. In about 5 hours of fishing Greg caught 7 Lake Trout with the biggest being 12 pounds. I caught 4 Lake Trout and they ranged from 2 to 5 pounds. That is the only time we spent trout fishing. I am sure if we were there for the whole week and spent the sunny days targeting Lakers we would have caught bigger trout and would have found a couple of super hot spots. One day I am going back to Kag.

Abamasagi Lake Trout:

In late fall, winter and early spring the Lake Trout are free to roam Abamasagi because the water is cold. In the summer when the water heats up all the trout head up to the very north end of the lake where there is a 110 foot deep spring-fed hole called Ric's Trout Hole. Guests do catch huge trout while Walleye fishing in the spring and fall but in the summer you have to go to Ric's Trout Hole and target them. Because the area is so small trolling is annoying so the best way to fish for them is with jigs. Lake Trout like feathered jigs like the old style Malibu Jigs. They don't seem to go after rubbers.

When Lake Trout fishing in Abamasagi Lake please use barbless hooks and release the fish after you take your photo. The population of Lake Trout in Abamasagi is small and fragile so they need to be protected.

Nakina Lake Trout Regulations:
Open Season: January 1 to September 30
Limit - Sport License: 2 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 1 in your possession
Size Restrictions: Only 1 over 22 inches from Sept. 1 to Sept 30

Lake Trout