Queenston Lake Outpost Camp:

The cabin has been newly remodeled. New pictures coming soon.

Walleye: Queenston Lake is an easy lake to fish. It's a great lake for people who are bringing kids or do not have a lot of Walleye fishing experience on a northern Canadian Shield Lake. There is a large population of Walleyes and they congregate around the rocky points. There are also many little bays, which hold good populations of Walleyes. Like many lakes north of Nakina, you will find spots where you are catching one Walleye after another all day long. Some of the best spots on the lake are right around the cabin so you can spend more time fishing and less time traveling. We have had guests report catching unusually big Walleyes right off shore in front of the cabin with some of the biggest at night while they sat around the campfire. It's an easy lake to fish.