Saga Lake Outpost Camp:

This is the only camp on the lake.

Walleye: Saga Lake is one of the fishing lakes that put Nakina on the map. It produces Walleyes in uncountable numbers and in good sizes. When guests come out of Saga after a week's fishing, they have soar arms and smiles from ear to ear. The average size Walleye in Saga is 2.5 pounds, which is larger than most lakes. There are also an unusually large amount of big Walleyes with guests catching many in the 24 to 32-inch range and sometimes even bigger.

Saga Lake has countless changing structure including river current, shoals and islands, which are perfect for Walleyes to be present in great numbers and great sizes. The Kapikotongwa River runs in and out of Saga Lake, which gives the Walleyes lots of places to spawn thus the Walleye population seems inexhaustible. The river also gives our guests the opportunity to take off into Durrer Lake and Nass Lake when water levels allow you to travel up stream. Both lakes have fishing just as good as Saga. You will find lots of hot Walleye spots so you don't have to keep going back to the same spots. The amount of water in the system also gives you a great chance at catching a trophy.

Some guests have reported catching the rare Blue Walleye.

Map of Saga Lake

Northern Pike: Saga Lake is good lake for Northern Pike. Northern Pike take advantage of the river system, which is a road that travels through a chain of many lakes including Saga, Nass and Durrer. The Pike have so many miles to roam and so many Walleyes to feed on that they get to be monsters. When guests go to Saga and specifically hunt for Pike, they experience a success not found in other lakes. Saga produces the most Pike over 40 inches with a few old grand daddy Pike, which have reached the 30-pound mark.

It's hard to say what the average size Pike is in Saga because you catch so many in different sizes. There are Pike small enough to eat but small Pike are not what our guests look for. If guests put on some daredevils or large crankbaits and hit the mouth of the river, around the islands or the rocky points leading into weedy bays, they will get action that dreams are made of. The lake is simply stuffed with big Northern Pike.

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Saga Lake Cabin