Jessiman Lake Fly-in Outpost Camp:

Jessiman Lake is actually a chain of three good sized lakes and all are stuffed with Walleye and Northern Pike. Even though there are deep holes that go down to 40 feet deep, the majority of the lake is around 10 feet deep and perfect for Walleye and Northern Pike fishing and very easy to fish. There are also lots of weeds, shoals and narrows where massive Northern Pike are ambushing the Walleyes. The lake offers over 7 miles of the best Walleye and Northern Pike fishing in Ontario.

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Map of Jessiman Lake

Walleye Fishing: Jessiman Lake is a Walleye fisherperson's dreams come true. It's one of our farthest north and most remote lakes and for years was only used as a Moose hunting camp thus the lake received very little fishing pressure in the past. The average size Walleye in this lake is over 3 pounds, which is much larger than most lakes north of Nakina. 4, 5 and 6-pounders are common and get caught throughout the day. There is also a high population of big trophy Walleyes over 30 inches and some groups have pulled in Walleyes as big as 15 pounds. Because the lake is mostly around 10-feet deep, you don't have to worry about the big female Walleyes taking off into deep water or hiding in the bottom of the lake all summer. Guests catch the big trophy females all summer and sometimes right in the middle of the day. The majority of the big trophy Walleyes are caught early morning or in the evening, with the exception of the spring; where they are caught at any time of day. Who knows what massive Walleyes are in this lake?

The size of our Walleyes is also complemented by the unbelievable numbers of Walleyes. Because the average size Walleye is much bigger, it takes longer to bring them in so it would be a long day to hit the 100 Walleye mark. That mark is irrelevant if you are catching one after another and many are big and giving up a great fight.

Jessiman Lake Cabin

Northern Pike: As we said above, for many years this camp was only used for Moose hunting and basically hunters only caught a couple of Walleyes to eat for lunch and never bothered hunting down the massive Northern Pike that are in this lake. Jessiman Lake is mostly 10 feet deep and around the shore you will find lily pads, wild rice and bulrushes, which are prime areas for small to medium size Northern Pike. Some large trophies will hang out in these areas as well or follow the schools of Walleyes. Many of the largest Pike have been caught by guests while Walleye fishing. This water system is a chain of three larger lakes and four small lakes, including a couple of bays that seem like lakes. In between all these little lakes and bays are narrows. The mouths of narrows are prime areas for Massive Trophy Northern Pike to ambush Walleyes. In actual fact, there are over 25 red-hot-spots where you have an exceptional chance at catching a trophy Northern Pike.

Northern Pike will be most common in the 2 to 8-pound range. There is a high number in the 9 to 14-pound range. These are still small Pike for Jessiman. The claim to fame of Jessiman Lake is the availability of huge trophy fish. Guests have caught-&-released Northern Pike in the 20 to 30-pound range in the lake. A 30-pound Northern Pike would be between 48 and 52 inches depending on girth. We don't want you to expect to catch a Northern Pike that big but they are there and some time throughout the summer a couple of lucky guests will pull in Northern Pike up to and sometimes over 30 pounds. In 2006 a guest caught-&-released a 35-pounds Northern Pike in Jessiman but your chances of catching a fish that big is like winning the lottery. Please do not think you will catch a Pike that big. We would like to think you have a good chance at catching a couple over 20 pounds if you specifically target Northern Pike.

Jessiman Lake Outpost

Cabin: The cabin sleeps 2 to 6 people. The cabin is clean and comfortable and fully equipped with propane stove and refrigerator. Lights are propane. There is a wood-burning stove for heat. Pots, pans, cutlery, dishes and cups are all in the cabin. Cabin also has propane BBQ. It's a smaller cabin compared to some of our other 6-person cabins but there is still enough room to store your gear with space to move around. It's the only cabin on the lake so you have everything to yourself and total wilderness privacy.