Ontario Fly-in Perch Fishing

Perch Most of our lakes have great Perch Fishing. You will catch lots of Perch that are big enough to be called Jumbo Perch. The real amazing thing is that what people refer to as Jumbo Perch are dwarfed by some of the Perch being caught in our lakes. Relief Lake has the best reputation for monster Perch and many of our guests have reported catching Perch that were the size of small Walleyes and over a pound.

If you have a sports license, you can bring 50 perch home with you and because of the 4 Walleye limit; this is the best way to bring enough fish home for a big fish fry with family or friends. Please don't keep fish that you will not eat or just stick in the freezer. Even though the fish seem inexhaustible in the lakes north of Nakina, we need to have a conservation attitude so our grandchildren can experience the awesome fishing.

Nakina Perch Fishing Regulations:
Open Season: Open all year
Limit - Sport License: 50 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 25 in your possession