Ontario Fly-in Brook Trout Fishing

Brook Trout Many of our lakes have Brook Trout in the streams and rivers running in and out. Brook Trout fishing north of Nakina is among the best in the world with Brook Trout common in the 1 to 3-pound range. In the bigger rivers, Brook Trout can reach great sizes and our guests do catch Brookies in the 5 and 6-pound range. Then on rare occasions, bigger Brook Trout are taken.

Because Brook Trout actively migrate up and down streams looking for cooler water throughout the summer, some of our lakes only have Brook Trout in the spring. If Brook Trout, also called the Speckled Trout by most Canadians, is an important part of your fishing needs, then we recommend you go to our camps on the Ogoki River system. Esser Lake, Trappers Run and Patience Lake are all a widening of the Ogoki River and all have world class Brook Trout Fishing.

Brook Trout generally like small spinners like Mepps, Panther Martins and Blue Fox spinners in size-0 or size-1. They will also hit small Cleos and small Cyclopes. As you head into late spring and early summer, Brook Trout become more cautious because the Pike are on the prowl. At this time, worms and flies work best.

Please read our Brook Trout Fishing Tips for more details

If you are interested in catching some Brook Trout but don't want it to be the focus of your fishing trip and your not really interested in traveling up and down rivers or into the bush, we recommend you go to Relief Lake or Poverty Lake in the early spring. At this time the Walleye and Perch fishing on these lakes is exceptional. Water flowing out of these lakes forms the main water system of the Drowning River and huge Brook Trout come right up to both lakes and even a few hundred yards into the lakes. They are there waiting for the May Fly hatch. Before the May Flies hatch guests have caught many beautiful Brookies. You can get them up to 4 pounds. There are also portages to below the main rapids that are flowing out of the lakes. If you are a full-boar Brook Trout fanatic, we highly recommend Esser Lake, Trappers Run and Patience Lake, where you catch monster Brook Trout all year.

Nakina Brook Trout Fishing Regulations:
Open Season: January 1 to 1st Saturday in September
Limit - Sport License: 5 in your possession
Limit - Conservation License: 2 in your possession
Size Restrictions: Only 1 over 11.8 inches

Brook Trout