Queenston Lake Outpost Camp:


Walleye: Queenston Lake is an easy lake to fish. It's a great lake for people who are bringing kids or do not have a lot of Walleye fishing experience on a northern Canadian Shield Lake. There is a large population of Walleyes and they congregate around the rocky points. There are also many little bays, which hold good populations of Walleyes. Like many lakes north of Nakina, you will find spots where you are catching one Walleye after another all day long. Some of the best spots on the lake are right around the cabin so you can spend more time fishing and less time traveling. We have had guests report catching unusually big Walleyes right off shore in front of the cabin with some of the biggest at night while they sat around the campfire. It's an easy lake to fish.

Queenston Lake is a good size lake with a max depth of 20 feet. It seems to have a fairly flat bottom with deep weed beds. These are the right conditions for big trophy Walleyes, as they need a large food supply. Along the shore during the day, you will catch tons of Walleyes in the 2-pound range, which are best for eating. Mixed in with the good eaters are lots of Walleyes in the 3 to 6-pound range. What's special about Queenston Lake is the population of big trophy Walleyes out in the open lake. In the evening and at night, these big trophy Walleyes leave the safety of the open lake and hit the shoreline to feed on minnows and smaller Walleyes. Trolling slowly along the shore in the evening or at night will produce monster size Walleyes. Many guests have reported catching Walleyes in the 10-pound range. Please read our Walleye tips to get some ideas how to catch big open water Walleyes during the day.

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Northern Pike: Queenston Lake has a maximum depth of only 20 feet with many weed beds along the bottom. There are also hundreds of little bays along with narrow areas where Northern Pike like to ambush Walleyes. What really makes this a prime Trophy Northern Pike lake is the presence of Cabbage Weed. Northern Pike love Cabbage Weed. The reason is not certain but lakes that have large patches of Cabbage Weed produce the biggest Northern Pike. Guest whom specifically fish for Pike commonly catch them in the 40 to 45-inch range. There are bigger Pike. Don't worry; Walleye hunters catch lots of big Pike while Walleye fishing. In some areas of the lake, there are so many pike that guests have to use steel leaders while Walleye fishing.

Brook Trout: In the spring, Brook Trout can be taken at the north end of the lake. There is a stream running in-and-out and a fare amount of good size Brookies can be taken. As the water warms up, the Brook Trout take off to find cooler water and are not accessible during the summer. Between ice-out and the third week in June, you should be able to catch some nice 1 to 2 pound Brookies. On occasion bigger Brook Trout have been caught. If you specifically want Trophy Brook Trout, we recommend our lakes along the Ogoki River system such as Patience, Esser or Trapper's Run, where you will find world class Brook Trout fishing.

Cabin: The cabin sleeps 2 to 8 people. The cabin is clean and comfortable and fully equipped with propane stove and refrigerator. We have a small generator at the cabin for lights. There is a wood-burning stove for heat. Pots, pans, cutlery, dishes and cups are all in the cabin. Cabin has a propane BBQ, Fish fryer, hot and cold water and a shower in the cabin. It's the only cabin on the lake.

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