North of Nakina Fly-in Lake Trout Fishing:

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    Over the last few years we have sold camps in order to buy new camps on better fishing lakes. As a result, Abamasagi Lake is the only lake we have left, which has Lake Trout. The main body of Abamasagi Lake is fairly shallow and has a structure that makes it one of the top Pike and Walleye lakes in Canada. It's not a lake you would expect to find Lake Trout but they are there and they are big.

    NEW - We have bought 8 new camps on 7 different lakes. This page needs to be re-written as some of our new camps have outstanding Lake Trout fishing. New information coming soon.

  • In the spring, guests catch Lake Trout while Walleye fishing right in shallow water. In late spring when the water starts to warm up, the Lake Trout leave the main lake and travel up into the narrows where two 110-foot deep spring-fed holes await them. This is where they stay all summer and wait out the heat. There is probably a few big Brook Trout down there with them because the Kawashkagama River runs in-and-out of the lake and there are big Brook Trout in the river.

    The Lake Trout that call these spring-fed holes home are big. Guests catch Lake Trout in the 2 to 25-pound range. In the summer, they go to the deepest parts of the spring but when they feed, they come shallower in the 45 to 55-foot range. This is the best time to catch them and all you need is your Walleye stick if you read our deep water trout tips

    Please read our Lake Trout Fishing Tips for more details

    When fishing for Lake Trout, please use barbless hooks and release the trout. We want to keep a healthy population of trout in the lake. We don't know how many are down there but we feel that over-fishing could affect them.

    Nakina Lake Trout Regulations:

  • Open Season: January 1 to September 30
  • Limit - Sport License: 2 in your possession
  • Limit - Conservation License: 1 in your possession
  • Size Restrictions: Only 1 over 22 inches from Sept. 1 to Sept 30